Time Clocks and Time & Attendance
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Time Clocks and Time & Attendance Software.

We make it easier for you to collect & manage your employee time effectively.


TriPoz Time and Attendance System Helps You Save Time and Money

No exaggeration when we say that time is the money for every business. The use of biometric system efficiently minimizes the risk of miscalculations and "Buddy-punching" that are still possible with other card and PIN-based time and attendance systems. TriPoz Time and Attendance systems is a perfect fit for any size of companies, operating from a single location or having a network of offices, warehouses and production facilities.
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Why Automate Your Time Tracking?:

There are many reasons why every company should use automated time & attendance system.

Accurate records keeping help protect your business from costly penalties and fines in the event of a lawsuit or wage and hour audit.

Time & Attendance System

TriPoz time and attendance system allows business easily schedule and collect their employee time data simply and accurately

  • Better manage your employee’s time

    Increase accuracy and efficiency by tracking your employee time.
  • Make scheduling easier

    Easily build shifts and schedules for your employees.
  • Increase productivity

    Employee's productivity increases because time and attendance solution makes day-to-day operations more efficient and convenient.
  • Increase employee satisfaction

    Employees will be happier because time and attendance solution guarantees accurate and timely pay.
  • Generate accurate management reports

    Time and attendance solution provides detailed information for numerous reports that help you manage your business.